Zenmuse XT S
Zenmuse XT S
Zenmuse XT S
Zenmuse XT S

Zenmuse XT S

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Key Features

Refined Thermal Imaging

The Zenmuse XT S is equipped with a 19mm lens on a 640x512, 25Hz refresh rate radiometric sensor, with 2x and 4x digital zoom capabilities, while an enclosed design gives it an IP44 ingress protection rating.

Temperature Measurement with Ease

Spot Meter: Tap a point for real-time temperature measurements.

Area Measurement: Select an area to get the max, min and average temperatures.

Intelligent Features

Temp Alarm: Get notified when an object’s temperature exceeds a pre-set limit.

Color Palettes: Adjust the colors applied to thermal data.

Isotherm: Select how colors are distributed across a specific temperature range.

Thermal Data Analysis

The radiometric sensor on the Zenmuse XT S captures temperature data on each picture and, when stored in R-JPEG file formats, can be analyzed later using the DJI Thermal Analysis Tool software to adjust parameters such as emissivity and reflected temperature for a more detailed inspection report.

Compatible Products

The Zenmuse XT S is compatible with DJI’s leading Matrice 300 RTK, 200 Series and 200 Series V2 drone platforms when used with the DJI Pilot flight control app.